Using Theme Templates in Designing Additional Website Pages

I am attempting to build new pages. I want to use select templates from the themes for these new pages. Home Page, for example. The drop down "Template" box only allows me to select Basic Page Template. When I create the page (Home Page). It will not show up in the drop down on the Theme page when I click the "Apply" box.

Thanks for the help!

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Very frustrated that the two choices you have for new pages are either primitive text and graphics or you have to know how to code to edit the html/css.

when is the page builder going to be introduced???

Hi Bill!

Thanks for the feedback and appreciate both the excitement for the new features we are building. Note that Page Builder itself is available with version 2 of our Themes and I would want to make sure you have the new Themes (there are 3 themes provided) installed so that you can take advantage of the Page Builder. You can let us know here, or if you like, can send a note into our support desk and we can help out! More information on upgrading is available here as well - Upgrading to the New Page Builder

We are always working on new features with some great enhancements planned very soon!


Yes i meant to refer to the site builder not page builder. I know about page builder.

I'd be happy to be a beta tester for site builder as i am finding it difficult to get my message across with the essentially zero options available in the current state for creating a compelling site.

Just so you know i'm not a complete debbie downer i love the course control panel and dashboard. I just need the tools to let my users know that they exist!


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