Extend a Coupon or Apply a New Coupon

If I have a student on a coupon that is going to expire how can I extend it or offer a new coupon for the student to continue on the discount?

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Hi Scott!

Right now, coupons can only be applied at the time of registration or purchase for the course. If you want the discount to continue, you would have to adjust their subscription directly in Stripe which can be done! Send us a ticket request and we can provide a few steps to handle this!

I have a coupon for the first 25 enrolments - 25+ have already applied. How do I apply coupons to these 25?

Hi Srinivasan

With coupons, these can only be applied per student per checkout. If you are a site owner you can manually enroll students and there would no charge or you might consider the Groups feature to help facilitate the students to register but they would still need to each register individually through the checkout.

Thank you!

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