Course card order in bundles on student dashboard


I have created a bundle and the courses are arranged in a specific order (month 1, month 2, month 3 etc). I have arranged the courses in this order on the bundle page and also on the course reordering page (see first two screenshots).

When a new student enrols and arrives on my site, if they click on the bundle card to see its contents they will see the courses listed in the same order (see 3rd screenshot).

However, when they arrive at their dashboard the courses are exactly in reverse order (ie month 3, month 2, month 1) - see last screenshot which is a brand new enrolment.

I understand that once a student opens a course the most recent one will always show up first. 

How can I make it so the first time they arrive they see the courses in the correct order, not reverse order?

Hi Sarah!

You can take a look at this article on how to order your courses in the student dashboard:

That article is now out of date.

Using the Empire theme, the relevant code is found in Sections > student_dashboard, line 38. 

I found I was able to get the courses listed in our standard order by changing that line to read as follows:

{% assign cards = page.enrolled_cards %} 

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