Letting People Try A Class For Free


I'm going to be creating facebook ads for my course. I would like to let them try a class for free, is this possible? 

If so, how? And can you let them view a specific video? My course is drip scheduled, would they only be able to see day 1? How does it work?


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Can I offer course for free and what are the limits of people and time frame?

Hi Angelica!

Eric here and I also responded to your email to our support desk however absolutely you can offer courses for either Free for access to all lessons, or you can also set some lessons to be available as a Free Trial - for example, the first 3 lessons or an intro lesson and at the end, the student will be invited to register for the full course via up-sell. There are no limits to the number of people nor a time length. You can view some more information here - Create a Free Trial

Hope that helps!

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