Video Analytics

it would be really helpful to have the video analytics (engagement %, # of views, etc) show as columns when viewing the video library list and also to be able to export this to Excel. Any plans to add this?

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Thanks for the quick reply Oliver!

Yes, would definitely be very useful to have this. All the info is there it's just two more clicks away per video than it ideally should be. When you have a large video library you can't efficiently in any way view these analytics. 

This would be incredibly useful for my organization too. We have to show that Thinkific was worth the investment, and I struggle to show good quality data into usage stats by client, which videos are the most popular, etc. I strongly second Eileen!

Hi Eileen!

Currently, we don't have any plans to make changes to our video analytics. However, I will definitely pass on your feedback to our product team to take into consideration for future updates. 

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