Can I create a membership site and also sell the courses individually?

Hi. Is it possible with Thinkific? Thanks :)

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Hi Nathalia!

You can definitely do this with Thinkific. You can group all your courses into a bundle and offer this as a membership. However, the courses will still be available for sale individually.


I want to have offer a membership subscription that enables discounted access to some courses, and gives access to some for free.  Is possible with thinkific, or do I need to get an external subscription service and just create a discount code for the thinkific courses?

Hi Jessica,

You will be able to set that up with Thinkific! You can take payment for your subscription through Thinkific, then when people sign up, you could send them a welcome email that includes the discount codes that they need for free/discounted access to your courses.



We began by building a WordPress website then added Thinkific and now have SSO working. We have drip campaigns and so-on setup in WP and have always expected to take payments via WP. Am I going to have a problem offering paid classes from the WP side?

Hi Jeff

I am not sure we have the full context of your situation here however if you are using Thinkific for course delivery, the key aspect is getting the students enrolled so they can access the content. You can do this any number of ways be it through the Thinkific checkout, Manual Enrollment, Zapier or the API and using Wordpress as your landing page and payment/shopping system is find as long as there is a process to the above. Are you able to provide details to this?

First Jeff and I (Kerry)  share this login with other staff using the second and third logins. I am the WP geek that's been taksed with helping Jeff bring his vision to life. We genuinely expect this project to take off big time and we really need to reduce any manual processing aspect as much as possible. I don't see "Thinkific check-out" or "Manual enrollment" as part of our process. 

I guess I need to better understand how our WP SSO is 'seen' or handled by Thinkific. If a hypothetical 'Jim Jones' logs into our WP Site and pays for one of our curriculm hosted at Thinkific. Jim then logs into his WP paid account and can now see the "Take me to Thinkific" button. When he presses that button the json information is passed to Thinkific so he is logged in and redirected to a class he signed up for. What just happened here? Did an individual account just get created for him? Whan He completes a module, can that be repoorted back to oiur WP site? Can I get MailChimp to send him some encouragement to keep moving ahead (because we haven't seen any activity for weeks now)?

Would Zapier help with that or can MailChimp do the job?

Hi Jeff

It is important to note that Single Sign On is not the same as enrollment or registration.

Single Sign On is the ability to sign in to one site (lets say Wordpress) and that will also authenticate you to another site (let's say Thinkific) so you only just do not have to login to the other site again. As well, logouts on one site affect the other.

However, a purchase on one site will not occur in another site due to SSO. You need additional steps to complete that process so this is where Zapier may work, or deciding on using one checkout flow to another. The key task is that the student account must be registered into the course.

One option is to configure your WordPress buttons and CTA's to link to Thinkific checkout (yes, SSO here would alleviate having to sign in again on Thinkific but not completing the registration). The student enters payment information and is registered.

Or, use Zapier and that a student completes the full purchase of an item in WordPress and that completed transactions is a trigger that Zapier uses to create the event of a full registration in Thinkific (which excludes payment information as that is not handled in Thinkific here) - a Zapier registration is essentially the same as a Manual Enrollment - just automated. You will want to look at our full Zapier guide here - Integrate with Zapier

The other questions around events of completion or lack of action involve analytics to gather the appropriate metrics. Mailchimp is just an email marketing platform. You would want to look into Mixpanel for detailed analytics. You can use Zapier and the Thinkific triggers such as Course Completion to create a corresponding event in a 3rd platform.

Hope that helps to clarify!


We are wanting to use Course Bundles. Each bundle includes the same 2 courses, but we want to sell them based on how many users they can have. 

For example: Small Bundle: includes 10 Management Level Courses and 30 Employee Level Courses @ $2/day. 

Medium Bundle: includes 20 Management Level Courses and 60 Employee Level Courses @ $4/day.


Running into how they could use any user and access the bundle that they chose.

Just seeing if it is possible or if you guys have an alternative.


It sounds like you're looking to sell seats to a course vs. a bundle of courses to a single user. This would be a good use case for our Groups feature