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I can’t seem to change my pricing to AUD$, how do I do this?

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Hi Caelum!

To change the currency, you need a Stripe account connected to your site. More info here:

How do I add rupees in thinkific if I have a PayPal account?

Hi Sharafat!

At this time, currency changes can only be done via the Stripe integration (which will also change for PayPal) so you will need to connect Stripe. The good news for India is that there is currently a private invite beta starting so you will want to look into that here - Stripe In India Private Beta

If stripe is not supported in my country and I use the alternatives that they suggested - will I still be able to change the currency?

Hi Anna!

If you're using PayPal on Thinkific, then you will need to charge in USD. But, if you're taking payment via an external payment gateway, you'll be able to take payment in any of the currencies that they support.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Can we change currency to AUD using PayPal yet?  

Hi Jo!

If you also have Stripe connected to your site too, then you will be able to change your currency to AUD. Otherwise, for just PayPal, it's USD only.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Hi Catherine,

Can I offer two payment options, both paypal and stripe? I want to have the price set in GBP£ on the sire, but seen in the country currency of the customer as well. And that they have the choice to pay by both debit card and credit card.

After reading through a number of threads in the forums, some from 2 years ago, I'm hoping there's been some updates since then.

It seems that Stripe only accept credit cards, but many people in Europe simply don't use them. So I need a Debit option too. But then if I use just PayPal, I can't change the currency displayed it seems?

So yes, can customers choose on checkout to pay either with paypal or via stripe? It is easy to integrate them both? I already have Paypal connected, but I'd need to open a stripe account  next.

Many thanks,


Hi Jane,

Yes you can absolutely offer payments via both Stripe and PayPal! Once you have your Stripe account linked to your Thinkific site, you'll be able to change your site currency to GBP, and customers will be able to pay you via credit and debit card.

There isn't a way to display the pricing to the customer in their local currency right now, but I've flagged you as a request for that. For now, if you have markets in a few different countries then you could perhaps set up different Thinkific sites for those.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Hi, is there any way to charge my courses in Brazilian reais (BRL)? Stripe is still in beta here, so that I can't have an account there yet (unless they magically decide to pick me to beta test it).

Hi Fernanda

At this time, no - the currency setting requires Stripe to be connected.

Sorry about that!

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