True Subscription Site with Bundles- Need Help

Hi folks, so I'm new here and have read the forums and had some really good help.

I have something that I haven't been able to solve though.  I want to have a real subscription site where people pay monthly and get access to all courses.  Thought that would be easy, but nope. lol 

Here are my issues:

1) I want people to come to the site and see all the courses just like this. My site here: 

2) The person would then be able to click any of the links and subscribe to the BUNDLE with no opportunity to subscribe to any of the standalone courses.

Can this be done without hiding the courses? Because if we hide them you won't be able to see them like it currently is.


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Hi Rohan!

You can set your courses to private. In this way they are still visible on your homepage but students won't be able to purchase them individually. Then add an Upsell section to each course landing page that points to the bundle. 

Lastly you can modify the "private course" text to say that the course is only available as part of the subscription.

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