Removing the "Have a Coupon?" Link

Hey guys,

Was just wondering if it was possible to remove the "have a coupon?" link from the checkout page?

I've read that having a coupon option on sales checkout pages actually decreases conversion because the buyer feels like they can get a better price by finding a coupon but then end up flaking. Is this possible at all?

I've a attached a screenshot for reference.




Hi David! 

Currently, we are not able to remove the have a coupon link as it is part of the checkout form. We limit customization to the checkout form to ensure that students' credit card information is transferred securely through our system to the payment processor. 

I agree with David - this HAS TO BE REMOVED. 

I've lost so many sales from people who say they stopped their purchase midstream so they could look online for a coupon code. They hated the thought of paying full price when there might be a coupon code out there somewhere. Or if they did purchase, it made them feel bad about paying full price, knowing that a coupon code could've been applied.

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Oliver, you need to rethink this.  Starter Plans do not allow coupons, so you are creating a real problem for your Starter Plan customers.  I understand the need for secure processing, but the coupon option should be a "setting" that is customizable.  You are detracting from your offering and hurting your customers.

Hi Ellyn and others!

If you would like to remove the "Have a coupon?" link from your site then we can do that for you. Just get in touch with the team!



Has this been addressed? It has to go.

Why not just give the option to turn it on or off?



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