How do I share my file from Dropbox for support requests?

If you're trying to send our support team a large file so that we can get you sorted out, sometimes the file is too large to be emailed and we'll ask for you to send it via Dropbox. In order to ensure that we can get back to you in a timely manner, please make sure you email us a link to the file in Dropbox instead of inviting us to view the file by an email address. (When you invite us to view the file by an email address, this invitation can only be claimed by one of our team members meaning if someone else needs to help out, they won't be able to view the file anymore!).

In Dropbox, you'll want to share the file by creating a link for it. Here's how to do that:


You'll want to make sure the link is set so that "Anyone with the link can view this file". 

Once you've copied the link, just email it over to us and any of our team members will be able to take a look to help out!

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