Adding an additional buy button to your course banner (V2 themes)

If you're using our additional pricing feature, and would like to add a buy button for an additional pricing option into your course landing page banner (i.e. next to the main CTA) here's how you can achieve that using our Themes feature:

First you'll want to find the appropriate button. If this is for a course, you want to use the course_action_buttons file, in the Snippets folder. Locate the course.user_can_purchase conditional:


You'll want add a second line that reads:

        {% include "button" link:, button_type: "primary", text: course.buy_button_text %}

 If this is for a specific course, you'll want to add a conditional to it to select the specific courseHere's what this looks like:


Next, you'll want to hardcode the text and checkout URL. To find the correct URL for the checkout page for your additional pricing option, you'll need to hover over the buy button for where it currently appears, right click, and select "Copy link address" (example here)

Here's an example of how that looks for my site:

      {% if course.user_can_purchase %}
        {% include "button" link:, button_type: "primary", text: course.buy_button_text %}
        {% if == 139612 %}
          {% include "button" link: "", button_type: "primary", text: "Ten Easy Payments" %}
        {% endif %} 
      {% endif %}


Be sure to save your work!


and then check it out to make sure it looks correct!


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Before I mess with the html on my site, I'd like to confirm.  I want to remove the default CTA button in the banner of my Ice Cream theme site.  So users would have to scroll down to see the buttons I've put on the bottom.  To do this, all I need to do is remove what's in the blue box above?  Thanks, Christa

Hi Christa,

Yes, exactly - that'll do it!



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