Is it possible to create chapters within chapters?

I will have a pretty extensive video library that I want users to be able to navigate. This part will not be so much of a course as it will be a library for reference during the course. From what I can see I am only able to create one set of chapters for each course.However this will be quite messy and difficult for users to navigate.

Is it possible to produce chapters within chapters? That would make it much easier for me.

As a very simple example imagine I wanted people to be able to watch a video on animals walking.

I could list every possible animal and it would look messy and difficult to find the one I am looking for.










..... 1000 more animals

It would be much easier if they could click on the animal type first, then to the animal they want to watch.





Big cats 



Large animals

          > Giraffe

          > Elephant


         > Monkeys

         > Apes

                    > Humans

                    > Gorillas


I'm using this as an example as it will make more sense than the topic I want to cover. But you can imagine that there are more subsets within these groups that could narrow it down further.

Is it possible to do this?



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Hi Lachlan!

Currently, we are only able to do one level of chapter. What you can do instead is use the bundle feature to create another level. So within the bundle you have different courses corresponding to the topic (animals). In this way you can use the course chapters as listed above.

I have five chapters, however, I have five to six-session per chapter( mostly video); how do I add additional sessions to the chapters? Also, I'd like to have the option of adding the number of handouts...  audio or videos to each session if needed. 

Hi Carla,

You should be able to add additional sessions to your chapters - i.e. there's no limit on the number of lessons per chapter.

You should also be able to add audio, video, or PDF handouts to your lesson if you like!

If you're having trouble with any of that, then please get in touch with our support team and we'll see what we can do :)



how do you add lessons to chapters?

Hi Kristin,

To add lessons to chapters, select the "Add Content" button underneath the chapter that you'd like to add to. Or, if the lesson already exists, you can drag and drop it into your chapter too.