Displaying Category Cards instead of Course Cards

Is there a way to customize my landing page to show categories instead of courses?  Let's say I have Category A, B, and C and courses 1-20.  Category A contains courses 1-7, Category B contains courses 5-10, and 15, Category C contains courses 3, 7, and 10-20.  This is a lot of courses to show at once, especially when different targets audiences don't care about the alternate category.  So I want my landing page to right up front have them select a category according to their interest to filter the courses right away and avoid overwhelming with course they probably don't care about.  

Can I do this?  Can my landing page start with a Category A, B, and C card?    

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Hi Eric!

This would require some customization on you part to your site's HTML and CSS. If you're comfortable with web development you can take a look at this article to get you started:

You can also reach out to one of our experts here if you need help making these customizations:

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