Displaying Category Cards instead of Course Cards

Is there a way to customize my landing page to show categories instead of courses?  Let's say I have Category A, B, and C and courses 1-20.  Category A contains courses 1-7, Category B contains courses 5-10, and 15, Category C contains courses 3, 7, and 10-20.  This is a lot of courses to show at once, especially when different targets audiences don't care about the alternate category.  So I want my landing page to right up front have them select a category according to their interest to filter the courses right away and avoid overwhelming with course they probably don't care about.  

Can I do this?  Can my landing page start with a Category A, B, and C card?    

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Hi Eric!

This would require some customization on you part to your site's HTML and CSS. If you're comfortable with web development you can take a look at this article to get you started:

You can also reach out to one of our experts here if you need help making these customizations:

If I were to do the customization above so the landing page shows Category A, Category B, Category C rather than all 20 courses:

1. By "landing page" he means right?

2. When they are on a particular course, and click on All Courses, to get to is there a way to show them the categories again, instead of all courses?

3. Without customization, the problem appears to be that when they get to, their eyes may be instantly drawn to the course listing or they may start scrolling though courses and ignore and never see the Filter By Category drop down menu at the top. If one offers several courses with similar names, for example, Ontario riders video course, Ontario riders podcast course, Alberata riders video course, Ontario riders podcast course, etc., it will not be user friendly, because  if I recall correctly, the courses are listed by the order in which they are created or published, rather than alphabetically.

4. Is there a simple way to make the courses appear on the Collections page in alphabetical order?