How do I edit the order of the course cards in the Student Dashboard?

Currently the course cards on the Student Dashboard are arranged in reverse order by last accessed. That means if you have your course cards arranged 1, 2, 3, 4 and the student watches #4 first - that one will move to the front so it will show 4, 1, 2, 3 next time they go back to their dashboard.

To change this, you can go into your Theme file and go to the Student Dashboard Page in the Site Pages folder (for Theme versions 2.0 and higher).

In the code on the right, find the line with 'sort: 'last_accessed' | reverse'


You can change the variable after 'sort:' to the following:

  • last_accessed
  • name
  • created_at

You can also remove '| reverse' to change the ordering. For example, 'name' without 'reverse' will have courses starting with 'A' first.

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Hi Kent!

You can send us a message here and we can take a look at your site for you.

 I don't want my course cards getting re-arranged at all... I want them to stay in the order I put them in... how do I do that?   I've tried replacing 'sort: 'last_accessed' | reverse' with 'position'. I see no change in the performance after that. 

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