Copy / paste lessons between courses

I find that often I want to re-use chapters or pieces of chapters between different courses.  Especially for quizzes, this is very time-consuming to rebuild and then I always have to do the QA step to be sure it works properly.

Is there a plan to offer a copy/paste function across courses for needs like this?


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Hi David!

Yes I agree that you shouldn't need to be copying-and-pasting to copy a lesson - I think Peter was just trying to provide you with a workaround as copying lessons is not something we support at this point in time.

By adding your comment on here, though, you've added another vote for that feature with our product team :)

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Hi Catrine the advise from Peter is ok however I am disappointed by his statement ... I've found that there is not currently a plan in place to build a feature that allows content to be copy/pasted from one lesson to another

As many comments confirm, this is a much requested feature and would really make a big difference in productivity.

Keep up the good work


The work-around for this is to be sure and save all your lessons on your local hard drive and just re-load them to the new course.

Possibly naive of me, but I've just set up my first course with generic chapters at the front end to be used on all of my courses, on the assumption I'd be able to copy and paste as required ... I'll get over it for now by duplicating the course and altering / deleting, but that will be more work each time I create a new course than a simple copy and paste of two chapters and a couple of individual lessons. 

I'd also like to copy the 'How to use the site' lesson you guys provide in your template on each of my lessons (That's cool!).
I'm hoping that i'll be able to turn 25 years experience around Europe into an on-line 'academy' with 30+ courses available for the Lean Six Sigma world in the coming months ... A copy and paste function will be invaluable - are there any specific plans in place to deliver this? Do you have a project plan in place and a time-line against it? basically, i s'pose my question is 'If', then 'When'? :-)  

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Hi David,

I'm afraid I don't have an ETA on this feature for you at this point in time - we build Thinkific using an agile model, which means we're very flexible and constantly updating our product roadmap based on the current needs and priorities of our customers. So that doesn't mean that this feature is a long way off, it just means that, right now, we don't have it on our immediate roadmap.

My recommendation to you would be to create a template course with just your generic chapters, and then copy that whenever you need to make a new course. That will save you from deleting unneeded lessons each time.

Good luck with launching your courses, and feel free to get in touch if you ever have any questions!



Would love to be able to "clone" a course, rename it and use it as the basis for a new course. Please add my request to the voices here

I totaly agree with David Bovis.  When you have a lot of knowledge pieces that kan be combined in many various learning paths,  a copy to (course / chapter/ ...)  is great for both chapters and lessons.   I have lessons in personality (DISC-model).  This lesson is great for courses in sales, cooperation, management and customer service.  I have to work around this by making  small inuvidual courses that i bundle in different ways.  What a joy if I could copy to,

I would also state the fact that copy to is very much needed for pages / sections. The tidious work of copying landing pages with the same pictures, text and media,  almost similar call for actions, not to mention icons&text  etc etc.     This work is almost fun first time, and is acceptable if you only have in mind to make one course with one landing page.  But seriously:  How much time is wasted worldwide with 200.000 Thinkific cusomers, just because the dreamteam of Thinkific cant be bothered to care for this?   I could save 8 days a month in production, time I rather spend doing sales and marketting - and making new courses.   I am a slave of the keyboard!  Please set us free!   An there is hope in me:  I notice the new plugin made for wordpress works this in a simple way - it moves one page/post - like a lesson could be copied.   Concerning productivity:  This helps.  This would help with pages and settings.   And if it could "bullk upload" several pages/post at the same time - hurrray.   It is a step forward, and I thank you for it.  But I wish it would remember its last position on the pages/posts.   Seconds fly, uneccesearry minutes and hours....  

I have a lot of more wishes to each section type, but that is design. I think nothing is more important to me than the ability to have the freedom to copy pages, sections, chapters and lessons.  Let us win time! Give us freedom!

And thank you for all the good things you have done so far. 

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Hi Everyone!

Eric from Thinkific here and wanted to add a note to this discussion that your feedback and requests for being able to copy or duplicate a lesson to another course or the same course have been heard and ANSWERED!

As of today you can now Add a Lesson from the same or different course to another or same course - you can copy a lesson! You'll find a three button elipsse to the right of Add Lesson that will allow you to Add a Lesson From a Course. 

Thank you and we do appreciate all of your feedback and patience! Hope this new feature helps and please let us know any questions - through our Help desk or email at

Thank you!

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