Can I use a Youtube video in a Multimedia lesson?

If you have some videos on Youtube that you want to use in your course, but you want it to view as a standalone lesson rather than within a text lesson, this is definitely possible with our Multimedia Lessons!

You'll want to click on the "share" button for the Youtube video you'd like to embed. 


That should open up a pop-up with some sharing options. You'll want to click on the "embed" option which will open a larger menu that includes a code snippet. From the code snippet, you'll want to select just the Youtube URL that shows up and copy that into your Multimedia lesson:


You can also check/uncheck the different options that show up to customize your Youtube player!

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I have used this procedure. It didn't work for me

Hi Yves!

You can send us a message to and we can take a look for you.

One drawback, specifically for YouTube embeds, is that we don't have full screen ability. In order for YouTube embeds to have fullscreen, the iframe code needs to have the allowfullscreen attribute.

I could use text lessons and add the full YouTube embed code, but such lessons show up as "TEXT" in the curriculum which is misleading.

Possible feature request - Is there a way we can pass the allowfullscreen attribute to the generated iframes?

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I also concur I really need full screen mode when using multi media or it to automatically open in a new window.

Hi guys!

Thanks for the feedback! I've gone ahead and passed that onto our product team so that they can take it into consideration for future product development.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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