How can I change the "support" link in my footer?

(v2 Altitude)

If you don't want your "support" link in the footer to send to your email but would rather include a support FAQ page, you can easily do this by creating an additional page and then editing the theme code. 

You'll want to go into the 'footer' filer under the Sections folder and look for the code:

 <a data-uv-trigger="true" href="mailto:{{ site.support_email }}">

     {{ 'liquid.partials.footer.link_support' | translate }}


You'll just want to change that code to a regular link, so something like this:

<a href="support page URL">

     {{ 'liquid.partials.footer.link_support' | translate }}


Make sure to change the text highlighted in red above to your support page URL! You can also change what the link's text says by replacing the {{ 'liquid.partials.footer.link_support' | translate }} portion with your own custom text (but if you have multiple languages on your site, this won't be translated for the other languages then). 

Afterwards, just remember to save your changes by going into the File button and pressing Save! 

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