How do I change the colour of the banner text on my Bundle Landing Page? (V2 themes)

Your bundle landing page banner text is set in your Branding section, but sometimes you want to customize it.

You can accomplish this with just a little bit of CSS! To access your Theme CSS files, follow these directions: Custom Themes

To change the banner text colour on all of your Bundle Landing Pages, you can insert the following snippet of CSS into your theme.scss file. It's in the Styles folder.

.bundle-landing .section-banner__text-container {
    color: white;

 Don't forget to save your work and to make a note of the changes you've made in case you need to remember them later! 

Can I brand my pages with the free version?

Hi Jeanne

With the Free Starter subscription you have access to Site Builder which provides full site building to your Thinkific site and all pages. This includes any and all color options for branding!

Hope that helps!

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