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Can Thinkific provide completion progress estimates for a course that is broken down into 6 or 7 chapters?  RIght now, once I finish the first chapter (three elements there - a video, a downloadable pdf and a short assessment), the system says I'm 100% compete, which I clearly am not...

The course progress icon starts as 0/21: the 21 appears to be the number of total elements I have across the 6 or 7 chapters. But once I get through the first two elements that make up Chapter One, I get a star implying that I have finished the course...

Can I correct this or do I need to structure my course differently?



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Hi Peter!

Are the other chapters set as draft at the moment? Currently when you have any lesson set as draft, these will not be a counted towards your progress because these are not seen by the students. Once you remove the draft option for all your lessons, then the progress percentage will take that into account. 

Hope this helps!

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