How do I remove the icons that show up beside the lesson names on my course landing page?

(Icecream, v2.2.2)

I use mostly the Text lesson to place a variety of content into my course and don't want potential students to think that my entire course is made of only text. How can I remove the small icons that show up in the course curriculum section so that they don't think this?

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This is definitely a simple fix! What you'll want to do is go into your Themes library and click on the "Manage my themes" button in the top right corner, then click on the "Edit HTML/CSS" button. In the theme editor, you will want to find the "course_curriculum" file under the "Sections" folder.

From there, scroll to and select the following code:

<div class="curriculum__icon-container">
<i class='{{ content.icon_css_class }} curriculum__icon'></i>


You can comment out the code here to remove the icons. To comment out the code press CTRL and / on your keyboard, or CMD and / if you are using a Mac.

Remember to save your changes by using the "File" dropdown menu in the top left of the code editor, refresh your site and see the changes!

Please note that customizations you make to your theme don't apply across all themes. We suggest keeping track of any changes you've made in a separate word document in case you decide to change themes on your site. 

It did not work with row 50-52 :(

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Hi Therese!

We made some updates to the theme which moved the code that you need to comment out. We updated the instructions above so you can take another look!

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