How do I get paid?

I've finished setting up my course on Thinkific and have integrated my payment processor and someone's bought my course! How do I get paid now that someone has made a purchase?

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Hi, is Paypal the only platform that works with Thinkific. 

Can I connect my profile to a MercadoPago account?

Hi Aida!

You can take payment via Stripe and/or PayPal. If MercadoPago works with Zapier, then you could also use that to link your account to Thinkific or (if you have a developer on-staff) you could use our API

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Hi I have a customer that had made 2 order  1008June 12, 2018$2,000.00 1007June 12, 2018$500.00

I see the funds are in thinkific but i do not see it on my stripe account.

How do i move the funds from you to stripe please advise asap 

Hi David, please submit this request directly to our support team here and we'll look into this for you

Hi, I a student signed up for a course and paid via paypal and I do not see the money in my paypal account.  Please advise.  

Hi Nicole

Generally you would want to followup with PayPal as with Thinkific the payment is passed right through - we do not block or pass along at all! PayPal does take a few more days to clear and payout though and may take 7-11 days.

Hope that helps!

Hello, Paypal and Stripe are not accepted in my country. Are there any other options for me to receive payments from students and transfer funds to my local bank account?

Hi Salwa

Sorry to hear that though you would want to check if any of your supported shopping cart systems (such as Shopify or Woocommerce) are available and support Zapier. Then you can use that to automate registrations and payments in Thinkific.