How do I get paid?

I've finished setting up my course on Thinkific and have integrated my payment processor and someone's bought my course! How do I get paid now that someone has made a purchase?

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Getting paid is simple if you're using our built in e-commerce integrations!


If the payment was made through Stripe, your Stripe account will conduct automatic payouts to your bank account. You can change how frequently the payouts are made by going to your Stripe dashboard, right-click on your company name in the top right of your Stripe dashboard, select 'Account Settings', and then navigate to the 'Transfers' tab.


Select 'Change schedule' to set up a transfer schedule of your choice.


With payments that came through Paypal, you will need to manually withdraw funds to your bank account. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Withdraw money below your PayPal balance.
  3. Click Transfer money to your bank account.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Select the bank account for the deposit, then click Continue.
  6. Review the details, then click Submit.

If I use the Starter plan how I can withdraw my money?) It's interesting because there is no Stripe in my country and I can't use Paypal in the Starter plan. So what to do? 

If there is any solution?

Hi Maria!

Paypal is available on the Starter plan so you can use this instead to take payment from students. 

The question was how to withdraw my current money on thinkific? I got payment from a student and see it on my account's details. But I can't do anything with it and don't understand how to withdraw it. Could you please explain this process more detailed? 

I feel really anxious about this. 


Hi Maria!

The funds from student payments are not held in your Thinkific account. They are automatically transferred to your Paypal or Stripe account when the payment is successful. 

So you would have to go in to your Paypal account to transfer the funds into your bank account. 

Thanks for answer

The deal is that I haven't received any payments from Thinkific to my Paypal account. So I don't know where is that funds..

Hi Maria!

You can send us a message through and our support team can take a look into your account.

Good morning, I need to refresh my memory. how long does it take for Stripe to deposit funds into my bank account as someone purchase my course a few days ago. I am in Ontario. thanks

Hi Mary!

It might take 7-10 days after your first payment for the funds to be paid out to your bank account. After that, the pay outs will be made according to the schedule that you have set up. You can take a look at this article for more info:

You might also have to check with your bank to see how long it might take them to process the transfer. 

Paypal or Stripe is not accepted in my country (Bangladesh). Is there any option for me to receive payments from students and how can I get payout in my local bank account?


I have just created a PayPal Business account and have added the Thinkific IPN URL to my pay pal account. So far so good.

Do I have to do anything else on Pay Pay to set up for everything to work? For example on my Pay Pal business account the question comes up this question " How would you like to get starting paid?"  with 4 options. Do I need to do that set up also for payments through thinkific to work properly?

Thank you!  :)


Hi Susanne,

You should be good to go in terms of getting payment from Thinkific to PayPal, but if you want the funds to be transferred from PayPal to your bank account then you should set up one of those 4 options.



How do I track sales (revenue) in Thinkific?

Hi Eugene!

You'll be able to see sales and revenue info from the main dashboard of your Thinkific site (click on Thinkific in the top left of the page to get there). You can filter the data by a speciifc time period too using the dropdown:

You can also see the details of each sale under Market & Sell > Orders, and export a list of orders to CSV file if you need to.

I hope that helps!