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I have a PDF file already uploaded to my course. But it has no pictures at all, and I do want to upgrade it. Does my course have a limit of GB for this? Should I stick to a maximum size of my file?


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Hi Ana!

For pdf files the size limit is 25mb. However we recommend to keep the file size as small as possible. This is so that it loads quicker for students and causes less issues on older devices. You can always run your pdfs through to reduce their size.

is there a max on the amount of space you have per account

Hi Anthony!

We don't have a max amount. However, if you have a large amount of content (videos, pdfs, audio files) give us a heads up first so that we can make sure that your students still have a great experience taking your course. 

My content comprises of many large video files. Do I break these up into lots of small chapters or lots of modules with many small chapters?

Hi Nick!

This would be up to you. The max size for a video is 2gbs and depending on the quality a video can be a few hours long. I would recommend to split up the content into segments that would make sense to you and the student. However, keep in mind that shorter content lets the student take brakes and review what they have learned before moving forward. 

My course videos are much larger than 2gb.  Are you going to support larger files soon?

Hi Ron!

At this time there are no plans to increase the size limit of video files. The size set would be appropriate for videos that achieve the best learner experience - that is, try to keep them to less than 15 minutes and provide breaks in-between including perhaps an easy to answer quiz on the video content. This has shown to increase both course content comprehension and completion.

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