How can I edit the "Enroll for Free" button? (V2 themes)

If you're collecting payments using something other than Stripe or PayPal and you still want to use the course landing page, sometimes you might want to remove that "Buy Now" button. 


Go into your Theme HTML/CSS by following the directions here.

Find your course_action_buttons file. It is in the sections folder.

Delete the lines 35-38 shown below! Alternately, you can surround them with a {% comment %} and an {% endcomment %} to make these lines inactive by "commenting them out".


Don't forget to save the file, and to make a note that you've made this change in case you want to go back or update your Themes.

Preview your site to make sure it works! If you have a question about this or another Theme customization, write us a note here: