Can I change my name on my completion certificate?

I didn't enter my full name when I created my account so now my completion certificate doesn't show my full name. Can I get my certificate reissued with the correct name?

As a student, you can request a Name Change on your completion certificate if you typed your name incorrectly when creating your account or want a different name to show on the certificate. To do so, you'll want to go into the course that the certificate was issued for and click on the "Get my Certificate" (or similar) button. 

It should bring up your certificate in a new window via and on the left hand menu, there is an option to "Request Name Change". 


Once you've followed the steps to verify your account and inputted the name change, we recommend getting in touch with the site owner to let them know you've requested the Name Change. 

Site Owners

As the site owner, you will need to log in to your Accredible account with your Thinkific details. Once there, click on "Credentials" in the top menu and then there will be a section for "Name Changes" where you can see the Name Change requests and Approve/Deny them for your students. 


You can reissue the certificate and email it to your student afterwards, or they can also go back to the course and regenerate the certificate themselves from the course completion page! 

how do I change the account name?

Hi there

It may be best to send a note to with details of what you are attempting to do here and we can take a look. This may require a change to your Accedible link so best to take on through support!

Can the certificate be changed in the business package? The generated certificate says Certificate of Excellence I would like to change to Statement of Participation if at all possible.

Hi Tim,

Absolutely! You can change your certificate design by logging in directly to Accredible. Please see this article for some instructions.



Hi Catherine, I have a student michael fergeson who says the date is wrong on his certificate. Some of my students have to retake the the course and the system is remembering the old date HOw can we change the date.

Hi Sue,

You can update the date on a certificate by logging into your Accredible account. From there, select "Credentials" from the top menu and then search for Michael. Once you've found him, select the ... button to the right of the page and choose "Edit Credential Information".

On the next screen, you'll be able to update the certificate details including the issue date.

Going forward, what you may also want to do is set an expiry date on your certificates; e.g. so that they'll no longer be available to the student once 1 year has passed. You can do that from the Settings tab of the Course Builder for each course.

Hope that helps!



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