Remove the link to "All Courses" in V2 theme Altitude

(Altitude V 2.5.0)

If you've only got one course, having a link to "All Courses" on your dashboard might be confusing. Here's how to hide it!

Go into your Theme HTML/CSS by following the directions here.

Find your page_header file. It is in the sections folder.

Delete the lines 23-37 shown below! Alternately, you can surround them with a {% comment %} and an {% endcomment %} to make these lines inactive by "commenting them out".


Don't forget to save the file, and to make a note that you've made this change in case you want to go back or update your Themes.

Preview your site to make sure it works! If you have a question about this or another Theme customization, write us a note here:

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