Student Progress Keeps Showing at 0%

I have a number of people who are telling me they are receiving emails saying they are at 0% progress in a course when they have gone through a lot of sessions or have actually completed the courses entirely. How can I make sure this option is working correctly? 



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Hi Mark!

Can you ask your students to see if they have been clicking on the Next button to go from on lesson to the next. This is how the system keeps track whether students complete a lesson or not. If the navigate through the course using the left hand menu, it won't be marked as complete. You can also check on the progress reports that the percentage matches what they are shown on the email notifications. 

If you're still having trouble with this, send us a quick message here:

I'm running into the same scenario. If that is the case, does Thinkific have plans to add tracking if student chooses to use the left hand menu instead? I can see where that can get confusing for some people.

Hi Christopher!

We don't have immediate plans to implement as student might simply use the left hand menu to preview the content in the course. We find that it provides a better indication that the student has reviewed the content in a lesson after they click the Next button. What many course creators do is add an additional text lesson at the beginning of the course with instructions on how to use a Thinkific site.


I would also like to be able to know if a student accessed a video in the course and if so how long they viewed it.  Is that possible?

Hi Michele!

You can use Mixpanel to help you track student analytics including if they saw a video. You can take a look at this article for more info:

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