how to upload pdf file to my site

hello Thinkific community,

I'am very new here and a bit confused. Now I would like to know how to upload my course from Word in PDF files to my site.

Thanks:Zsolt Tassonyi


Hi Tassonyi!

There are a few ways you can upload you content in PDF:

  • You can upload them into PDF lessons
  • You can upload the pdf files into a Presentation lesson (limit to 20 pages per presentation)
  • If you just want students to download the files, you can upload them into a download lesson
Hope this helps!

I hadn't figured it out right from the start as well, hadn't noticed that really big thick button up there. But the problem is, it's quite exacting to the pdf files. Regardless of how lightweight it is, there shall be no more than 20 pages strictly. I tried to split the 100+ pages long file into several ones with this tool and upload them on the same page separately, but it didn't allow me to do so, kind of you need one page for each one