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Is it possible to run a sale on the main course landing page that doesn't require a coupon, or is a coupon the only want to get a discounted price? I'm asking because we're interested in offering certain price for a limited time to anyone who sees the landing page. Is the only way to do this to change the course price? Could I change the button text to reflect that it's a sale price? That's the only thing I can think of.

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That's really not a solution as people don't generally read the description.

The first thing they see is the price.  If they see it's on sale this has a huge immediate impact.

Udemy use this to enormous effect.

It would be great if you could also implement this asap.

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Yes, it would be great if Thinkific could make the option for sale available as soon as possible. 

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Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate that the Thinkific team is constantly improving their services and providing new options. However, as you have mentioned, it only works for subscriptions (not single payments). 

I actually found a solution that is provided by Thinkific and works for the most part for now. Following a thread in your Facebook group "Thinkific studio" a few days ago about making a link to give full access to the whole course for free, I noticed a very helpful response by Maryn Boess. A big thanks to her! She actually referenced your help information about creating a link that has a coupon code built in. The information is available in the following link under 2. via URL (recommended):

By following the instructions in the above link, it is easy to create a link to a page that shows both the discounted price and the original price at a glance. However, the amount of the discount and the original price are shown a little below the sale (current) price and may get unnoticed. Still, I think it works for the most part. If the sale could be shown as crossing out the original price and showing the sale price next to it and especially if the duration of the sale can be shown somewhere, that would be better. If the amount of the discount and the original price could be shown in larger fonts, they will be more noticed as well. Thanks

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Hi Vahid

Yes - that is very valid method to provide a URL that combines the checkout, the course and the coupon. Also note that our new Groups feature does this as well. We wanted to provide a more easier way to obtain the link than having to figure out URLs. That being said, what the URL provides is the instruction for the browser in loading the page.

From there, you can design any type of image, button, link - it can be anything on a page that when clicked - it loads that URL. So its challenging to provide an HTML snippet or so that will please everyone. That being said, with HTML and some graphic designer, a button can be created that shows original price crossed out/sale price highlighted - thats entirely 'look and feel' HTML though once done, it can then be set to be clickable and when clicked - loads that magic URL!

Hope that helps!

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Hi Erin

You can view this under Orders from the Admin Dashboard and click on View for the particular order. Within the next screen the discount will be shown as a line item as Promotion.

Hope that helps!

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Question - how can you see which coupon a student used to get their discount? I am trying to track coupon usage but can't see which code the students are using.


Hi Tami!

The easiest way to do this would be to add the coupon code into your course description and let a potential student use it during checkout. You can also set up as expiry date on the coupon so that is only valid for a short period of time. 

Hope this helps!


We have recently provided a few new options to our pricing tab on courses. You can now set an custom payment for a subscription. What this means is for subscriptions, you can have a lower or 'sale' price as the first payment without using a coupon and then the next payment will be the regular subscription price.

Thank you Eric for your helpful replies!

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