Export Existing Quiz

I'd like to be able to export a quiz itself (meaning a quiz I created without using Import, but now I want to export it so I have a copy to maintain in Word and import back in when I need to update it.) There isn't a way to do this today, correct?

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Hi Eileen!

Currently we don't have this feature for our quiz but I will pass it on to our product team to look into for future improvements. In the meantime you can copy and paste your questions into the import template. You can then use this to keep a copy of all your questions and make changes as you go. 

Hope this helps!

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This would be a very helpful feature.

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This would be extremely helpful, and most other LMS platforms already have this feature! 


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I agree. I was looking for the same thing. Also - the ability to re-use quiz questions on the final exam/quiz.


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@Darleen absolutely! 

5 Years ago I used a basic wordpress theme that managed quiz questions as a post catagory. 

You could make exams based off of questions you already made, randomize them, pick a percent from each chapter, etc.  

I'm getting ready to make a 200 question exam from questions I already put in my thinkific course, been putting it off for as long as possible because I'm hoping this feature will catch up to the other platforms before I do. 

I would like this feature too. 

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Yes this feature is pertinent to my online courses 

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Is this feature available yet? Thank you

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Hi Ammar,

It's not available yet, but it's certainly something we can take into consideration! I've flagged your request for our product team :)



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Hoping for this feature soon too!

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hoping this feature will come asap

This feature would be very helpful.  I hope it comes soon.

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