Change Which Image Shows For Your Site Landing Page on Facebook - V2 themes only

Please see here for an overview of Facebook sharing on Thinkific.

This article will cover how to change the image and description that shows when you share your site homepage on Facebook - i.e. the OG:Image and OG:Description.

Note that we don't recommend doing this unless you're comfortable with HTML/CSS. And for instructions on how to do this on an older (i.e. pre-v2) Theme please see here.

Changing the OG:Image and OG:Description for the Site Landing Page

1. Go to Themes > Manage My Themes on your admin dashboard and select to "Edit" your currently active theme.

2. Navigate to to the folder called Snippets > meta-tags.

3. Then you need to paste the code for your social sharing image and description under line 38, as shown in the screenshot below.


Here's the code that you can use:

<meta property="og:image" content="IMAGE URL GOES HERE"/> 

<meta property="og:description" content="PAGE DESCRIPTION GOES HERE." />

(If you don't have the image that you'd like to use already hosted somewhere, then you can upload it as an asset).

4. When you're done, click File > Save to save your changes. And that's it!

To test that your update worked, you can head to Facebook's Open Graph Object Debugger and select to Fetch new scrape information for your site.