Can I merge my site welcome email and course welcome email?

If you are using an external checkout system or your own marketing system, you may want to reduce your site welcome and course welcome email to a single email to reduce clutter for your students.

As a quick recap, the Thinkific site welcome email introduces your course site only when a student is signed up to your Thinkific site, while course welcome emails are sent out to the student upon registration for a particular course and are customizable on a per-course basis. You can learn more here.

Though the email variable fields are different across the two welcome emails, you could include your site welcome information within the course email thanks to our newly released Express Sign-In link. To do this follow these steps:

1. Enable course welcome emails under Notifications > Course Welcome Email > Edit:

2. Fill in the relevant details:

When crafting this welcome message there are three fields that you definitely need to include so that your students have the information they can use to login:

Sign in URL which will be the static URL for all users (in this format: website/users/sign_in)The student email which is a variable within the welcome emailSetting password instructions and a link to the express sign in details

Express sign in follows a particular sign in structure (website/users/express_signin?email=studentemail), in this case, the password for my website for my student Sara would be 

Since the student email variable can be used in the course welcome email, you can dynamically add the student's email address onto the Express Sign-In link, ending with the student email variable like this:{{user_email}}

If in doubt, you can go to any of your newly created students to see their express sign in link that you can copy and edit:

3. Test this on a dummy student account. This should be with an email address not already enrolled in Thinkific to ensure that you understand what a student would receive from the moment they are enrolled in a course. You can also delete your test student account, using the trash icon in the Users view, to then re-use your student email as a test. 

The course welcome email should look something like this:

You're done! Now students should be able to sign in using information sent from a course welcome email. 

Having trouble? Try this: 

- Double check the URL is accurate - have you recently created a custom domain or changed your URL?

- Make sure the express Sign In-Link is correct and follows the format website/users/express_signin?email={{user_email}}

- Ensure you disable site welcome emails if you don't want students receiving these emails too

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I am writing an email to contacts in Drip to invite them to enrol in a free course. Where do I find the url to place in the email to invite them to sign up?

Hi Steve!

You can find the url to your course by heading into the course builder and click on the Settings tab:


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