How can students search for courses on my site?

On the categories page (, students have a couple ways to search for courses and bundles that you've published.

1. Filter courses by category. You can configure categories in the Categories section of your admin dashboard, and even place courses and bundles in multiple categories to help your students find courses and bundles that are relevant to them easier.


2. Utilize the search bar on the Categories page. 


Optimizing your search is easy! The search bar queries for the following items:

Course Name, which you can edit in the Basic Settings within your course builder:


Instructor Name, which you can add as a section in the Page Builder section of the course builder:


Course Keywords, which can be added and removed from the SEO section of your Settings within the course builder.



I have added categories yet there is no search field displaying on my landing page. Is this because I am using the default theme?

Thank you!

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Hi Jennifer!

The search function is only available on the All Courses page. The url to this page will look something like

Thank you! After I wrote this I realized I was in preview mode!

Is there a way to prevent certain courses from appearing in search results (without changing the course names or titles for each content section)? I understand why the courses are showing in search results (given their name and content titles), but ideally i could prevent them from ever showing. Without going into detail, there is no need for a handful of courses to show in search results and they clutter things up when users are looking for content.

Hi Eileen!

If you make the course Hidden then it won't appear in site search results, but please note that this will also hide it from your site landing page too.

If you need it to appear on the site landing page, but not in search results, I'm not sure that's possible. I hope that's OK.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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