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I am confused. How is Disqus different than Thinkific Discussion? Why would I choose one of the other? Why are both of them even available? I must be missing something here. (Not the first time). What is it? Thanks. Elinor

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Hi David!

With Disqus, you can include multiple threads in a course. Simply add a new disqus lesson when you want students to have a new discussion around a topic. For the built-in discussion, it creates a single discussion area for each course that can be accessed on the left sidebar of the course player. So if you want to have multiple discussion topics and keep them separate from one another, then Disqus would work great for you.

Hope this helps!

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I wonder if you could address this--

How does the Thinkific discussion feature work when a new student or group of students enroll and their course starts? Is there carryover from previous enrollment start dates, or does each student/group start with a blank slate in discussions?

Three enrolled students start their course on August 1. They all see what's going on in discussions.

One new enrolled student starts her course on August 15. What will she see in discussions?

Thanks! I'm kind of baffled by the system and look forward to your reply!


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Hi Ellen!

The new student will be able to see the existing discussions from previous students. If you don't want new students to the see discussions, you can set up different cohorts. You can do this by duplicating the course and offer this one when you start a new group. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi, How do I add Discussiin? I don't see it as an option in the course.


Hi Susan,

You can enable discussions for your courses from the Discussions page (accessible via the "Discussions" link on your Thinkific admin dashboard):



Hello. Forgive my ignorance but it looks like adding disqus leaves the thread & posts open to being shared on social media etc? Is it possible to have discussions on specific modules of the course and have it closed to that site/course?

Currently, we are not able to control the privacy setting on the Disqus forums. Sorry for the inconvenience. As such we do recommend the use our built in Discussion feature if this is an issue for you.

Thank you!

The discussion feature does not show up on my admin toolbar even after I enabled it for all courses. I don't want to use Diqus if all of my students' feedback and responses are open to the public. Please help.

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