Using Handbrake for Videos

Are there any tutorials available for using Handbrake to reduce the size of a video? I downloaded the app but it doesn't seem intuitive to use. 

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Hi Scott!

Sorry we don't have any tutorials about using Handbrake but I found this one which you can use

Hope this helps!

We do have this article as well which explains a little bit: Using Handbrake.

same problem, installing handbrake : no problem ; anything else : not possible ? except uninstall ? 

uploading a 1 MB video : currently 15 minutes (when it reaches 70 % it goes back to 23 %)

Hi Anke,

Hmm I'm not too sure what's going on there. It might be worth uninstalling and trying again, or at least restarting your computer. Or, as the video is fairly small anyway, you could upload it directly to Thinkific - we accept videos up to 2GB in size.



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