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What do you recommend as the ideal length of time for a video. My course will require two hours of video. Is it best to break down into 12 x 5 min videos or say 6 x 10 min videos? Which do you think is the most effective? Thanks, Chris

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Hi Chris - I'm very new to this but my conclusion is lots of very short videos for maximum flexibility for the students. My training is for people in sales roles and they're a bit notorious for short attention spans!

I'm currently scripting three courses each of which will initially be a similar length to your 2 hours. I'm aiming for 2 minutes per typical lesson, longer only when absolutely required. One difficulty with my approach is that it might take 15 seconds at the beginning and end of each video to connect to preceding and subsequent lesson.

Like you, I'll be very interested in any other comments.

What are the chapter limitations for each course?

Hi Robert, there are no chapter limitations!


Paddy McGill


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