Customize the Buy button in the Horizon Theme (pre-v2 Themes)

I am using the Horizon Theme. How do you customize the Buy button to have a different word, such as Register or Enroll? Thank you.

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Hi Suzanne!

You can follow the instructions on this forum post (Request #1) but instead of going to Snippets>course_landing_page_actions_buttons, go to Snippets>horizon-1-6-3v1-1-2_course_landing_page_action_buttons:


Hope this helps!

Thank you Oliver, it worked for the top button! I changed it to Enroll. Now the button on the bottom of the page still says Buy, and I don't see similar code to change the bottom of the page CTA button. Suggestions?

Hi Suzanne!

Sorry I missed that button! To changed this bottom one you can follow the exact instructions on Request #1. This one is controlled by Snippets>course_landing_page_actions_buttons


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Thank you again Oliver, it's working!!!!  I SO appreciate your mini coding support. Thinkific rocks!!!


Thank you Oliver, it works!  I'm very grateful for your mini coding support. 

Thinkific support rocks!


Hi, I am trying to costumiez the buy button on the heather and the card (I don't want de display the price). I can't find the "horizon-1-6-3v1-1-2_course_landing_page_action_buttons" In snippet folder? Can you help me with this please?

Hi Marilyn!

You might on be on the latest version of our Themes. Send us a quick message through and we can take a look for you.


Hello I am using the horizon theme version 2.3.4 and want to move my buy button from the left of the banner to the right .. I've found the themes HTML page but all your instructions appear to refer to old themes. Could you give me some instruction please

Thanx :)

Hi Tracy!

This might be better handled with some one to one assistance if you wish to send along a request via and we can take a look!

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