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Is it possible to display more information on the homepage then just the courses available and one banner picture?

For example course landing pages can be customised a lot, am I missing something?

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Do you have a timeline yet? 

This is a really critical feature. 

Without it we will need to create the homepage else where and link to it. 

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Little birdy here, excitedly awaiting the release of the custom homepage site needs it! Thank you for all that you do, I am a huge fan and loyal customer. I know these things take time to develop, but I also know the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Looking forward to a timeline for completion whenever one is available. Thank you!


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Can you give me a ballpark - I don't want to build a homepage in lead pages really if within a month you'll have the capability...I'm really surprised it isn't a feature already as customisable pages are advertised. 

Is there any other way to customise the homepage landing page? 


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I need this also! Do you think you could say that it will be done in the next six months?


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Hi there!

It is possible to adjust the overall site banner through our Theme Editor with some small HTML knowledge. We will be releasing tools that will make this much easier though soon!

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@Oliver Chen, are there plans to make redesigning the homepage easier for people without technical expertise? That is, to have a Page Builder like for the courses?


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Hi Amy,

We don't have a timeline for this yet but we are getting closer. We are not able to provide an exact timeline as with any new feature during testing, issues might come up that could delay us. Therefore we don't want to promise a date when we are not sure if we can keep. I do recommend to keep an eye for any announcements made on the admin dashboard and to continue working on your course content. 

One customisation option i would like is the ability to adjust the vertical spacing of the banner on the home site. It occupies perhaps 2/3 of the screen real estate for not much value. The first row of course cards merely peek at you at the bottom of the page. You have to scroll down to find the courses.

Perhaps this is OK if all you have is one course you are advertising. But when you have multiple courses, it is not a benefit.

With multiple courses, the collections page is much better, providing instant visibility to all courses (though it lacks a heading line).

As a stopgap, could i make "collections" the home page?

Hi there!

To customize your homepage, you can do this using our Theme editor to make changes directly to your site's HTML and CSS. You might need to be familiar with web development or you can reach out to one of our experts to help you redesign your page. 

Hope this helps!


We would love to be able to share a timeline but as with any big feature release, there's a lot of moving parts which requires thorough testing to make sure everything is working properly. During these tests we might find some things that might delay us and we don't want to promise a date that we are not 100% sure can keep. Sorry I can't be anymore specific but do keep an eye out for any announcements on your Admin dashboard.

Are you close with making it so I can customize my homepage without learning code?

Hi Christina!

Yes! We will be releasing our new Site Builder in the next couple of weeks! It is currently in Beta so if you'd like early access you can also reach out to our support team.



How do i only make a course bundle on my homepage and not all the videos that are part of the bundle?

Hi Anshuman!

You can set the courses within the bundle as hidden and/or private. The hidden feature will remove it from the homepage and setting is as private will prevent students from enrolling in the courses individually. The can only sign up through the bundle.

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