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Is there a way to create separate cohorts based on certain criteria other than date enrolled? Thanks.

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Hi Celito!

We don't have this feature yet but we can definitely look into it. You can send this directly to our product team through this link: 


We have the opportunity to sell our course to an association that needs reports by member organizations (5-50 students per organization). A cohort would be one way to do this. Any suggestions on how we can segregate client organizations for tracking and reporting?

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Hi Rob!

We're working on new features to create groups of users on your admin dashboard so I will make sure the product team knows you're looking for this. 

In the meantime, you can duplicate your courses and place students in each course based on the organization they are from. 

Hope this helps!

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I concur: This would be huge for our team if we could have cohorts.  Also we need the outside org to have rights to look and see if their people finish the course. We can make them course admins, but then they have the right to change the prices, etc.  We need another level of user that is less then course admin...

Please help

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Any word on how the new feature is coming along, Oliver? We sell our courses to organizations and have to provide them with monthly user usage reports. It's a very cumbersome process getting it all sorted. Being able to pull reports for a specific group of users would be a life saver. We're at the point where we're seriously considering a switch to a new platform or spending a hefty sum of money to have someone develop a reporting system that works with the Thinkific API. Id' rather avoid both of these options if the ability to create, sort and pull user group reports is going to be available within the next couple of months.

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Hi Kim!

We're getting closer but still need to do thorough testing before we can launch the feature. Keep an eye out for any announcements on your admin dashboard.

looking for the same feature!


Looking for this feature also....Is it now live? 

Hi Eva!

Sure is! Check it out under Groups. 

Is there something wrong the the Group Page? Few days ago it worked well, today the page is blank. Please help. Need to create a group ASAP.

Hi Indrawan,

Send us a message through and we can take a look for you.