How do I create embed links for audio and video content?

I want to create a video lesson with the audio version and transcript available on the same page. I need the video and audio to be downloadable too. Is this possible? 

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We've designed our lessons to be broken out by content type to make the content easy for students to consume and complete at a time, but there may be some circumstances where you want to add more than one type of content in one lesson. This is possible by creating a text lesson with your text that also embeds your audio and video. Here's how to create a video/ audio/ text all-in-one lesson: 


In order for you to embed your audio in a text lesson you'll need to store the audio file inside Thinkific. Here's how:

- Create a new course titled something like "Audio Storage"

- Upload all your audio into audio lesson types 

- If you want the audio to be downloadable select the "Make this audio content downloadable" checkbox on all lessons

- Name the lessons to match the corresponding course and lesson they should belong to so they're easy to find later


The same thing goes for video, you need to first store your videos on Thinkific so you can embed them later:

Option A) Non-downloadable videos

- Go to the Video Library

- Upload all your videos and name them in an organized fashion

Option B) Downloadable Videos

- Create a new course called "Video Downloads"

- Upload all your videos to the course

- Add each video to a video lesson and select "Make this video downloadable" for all lessons

All-in-one Text Lesson

Now that all your files are stored it's time to create your all-in-one lesson. 

1. Add Text

- Create a text lesson inside your course

- Either write out or copy/ paste your text and format the text to your liking 

*If you're copying text from another place you should paste into the HTML view of the text lesson as to not copy over the styling with it

- Your lesson will look like this so far:


2. Add video

- Put your curser above all your text on a fresh line 

- Click the button "Add video from your library" 

- Select the correct video

- Insert your video

- Your lesson should now look like this:


3. Add video download

- Below the video add your preferred text such as "Click here to download the video" 

- Next go to your Video Downloads course

- Preview as a student

- Find the corresponding video lesson and right click on the Download button in the bottom left

- Select "Copy Link Address"


- Go back to your all-in-one text lesson, select the text you wrote previously: "Click here to download the video", then add a link to the text by pasting from your clipboard 

- Now your lesson will look like this:


4. Add audio (last step!)

- First add a space in between your video and your text

- Next you want to add a snippet for your video into the HTML view

- In order to find where to put the snippet I'd recommending adding AUDIO in the space between your video and text like so:


- Next, go to the HTML view of your text lesson

- Find the word AUDIO and replace it with this snippet:

<p><audio controls=""><source src="" type="audio/mp3"></audio></p>

Your HTML will look like this (I've added spaces to showcase each section but by default there won't be any spaces): 


- Next you need to get the link to your audio file: 

- Go to your Audio Storage course and preview as a student

- Right click on audio bar and select "Open Audio in New Tab" like this:


- Your audio will open in a page that looks like this:


- You want to copy the URL of this page and paste the URL into the highlighted part of the snippet above inside the HTML of your text lesson

- Save your text lesson and switch away from HTML view

Voila! Your text lesson should now have video, audio and text! 


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In this case, the lesson type in the course player will still show "TEXT" as the lesson type for the student.

Is it possible to change this piece of text?

Kind regards

Hi Eron!

Currently, we're not able to change the label on the lesson type but I will definitely pass this on to our product team.


HI there.  I'm wondering if it is possible to have the transcript running live alongside a video (like in


Hi Jonathan!

Currently, we don't have this feature available but I will let our product team know you're looking for this! In the meantime, you can add the transcript underneath the video but this won't scroll as the video plays. You could also add close captions to your videos:

Thanks Oliver. That's helpful.  Meanwhile, is there a link you could send me on how to add the transcript underneath the video, please.

Hi Jonathan!

If you use a text lesson you can add text and video into one single lesson. You can check out this article for more info:

Hi, is it possible to find the URL of any of my video to add a link to a text that will direct the student to an other video but will make it impossible to download the video.

As an example: Would you like to learn X? Click here.

Or would you prefer to learn y? Click here.

And make the "Click here" a link to open a new video.


Hi Stephanie!

What you can do is place the videos into video lessons. In this way you can simply use the url to the video lesson to direct students to the specific video you want students to watch without using the direct url to the file.

OMG - seriously guys? Can't we just have a button to add an audio file into a text lesson - like the videos do? I was used to that in moodle all the time and I have just realised I can't do it - with 48 hours until the course launch 8-/ 

.. I may add the audio files to a blank video as a work around ..

Love the platform :) thanks for all your work 


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Hi Cliff!

Thanks for the feedback :)

There is also the option to add audio files into text lessons, although it's true that you do need to have your file hosted somewhere else - I'd recommend Dropbox.

I hope that helps, and best of luck with your launch!!



Jonathan's comments echo my thoughts exactly. Do you have plans to give us a player of quality? some insights to your development plans for this like. No we have no plans or it is on our list and we will get to in 6 to 12 months will really help my planning process.

Well done on the platform updates and improvements, much appreciated.

Hi David! 

Thanks for your kind words! We do have plans to update the Course Player but I don't think adding a running transcript under the video is something we're considering. Have you considered using our Closed Captioning feature?