How can I use course expiry to motivate my students to finish my course?

Many of my students haven't completed their courses and their expiration date is coming up. Do you have any recommendations on how to best utilize course expiry? How do I motivate students to finish before the course expires? 

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First it's important to communicate course expiry upfront to your students, here's how:

1. On your course landing page add information about when the course expires. You could add this in the course subtitle or course description. 

2. Explain inside your course how long the course is available for. It's important to highlight how long the student will have access, how long the course will take them, and the learning outcomes they can expect from the course (why should they put in all this time). You could do this in your first lesson either using a text lesson, or by creating a fun welcome video! 

3. In your course welcome email tell students that they have X number of days before it expires. Make it motivational and tie it back to the learning result: "In X days you'll learn XYZ and be able to achieve ABC result!" 

Next, you'll want to continually remind students that their course is going to expire, here's how: 

4. Send reminder emails. Use Thinkific's built-in weekly reminder email that updates the student on their progress for each course. Use your email software to email students 1 month/ 1 week/ 1 day before their course expiration date. Remind them the clock is ticking for them to finish the course and reach their learning goals. 

5. Add pop-ups on your Thinkific homepage or on the student Dashboard. You can do this using tools like SumoHere's more information on our direct integration with Sumo and how it works.

Lastly, circle back with students after their course expires:

6. For students who don't reach completion before expiry, reach out via email with the call to action to not give up. You can offer them a coupon with a big discount for the same course to motivate them to come back and complete it. 

7. For students who do reach completion this is a great chance to congratulate them on finishing in the time allocated. You can also take this as a chance to upsell them to another course. Again, you could offer a coupon here for other products as a reward for completion.

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