How do I track student engagement?

How do I know if my students are interacting and engaging with my content?

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There are several ways you can track student engagement:

1. Progress: As students complete lessons and chapters inside courses, we track their Progress as a percentage. Let's say the student finishes one out of ten lessons; the student's Progress will be marked as 10% complete. What counts as a completed lesson? When the student hits the "Next" button on a lesson. The student will see a green checkmark on the lesson once completed. The student can see their Progress in the course, and site admins can also see it in the Progress reports. Here's more information on how to view your Progress Reports.

2. Activity: We provide you with an Activity Feed for each individual student. When you're logged in as a site admin, go to Users and click on an individual user. Then you can click the tab titled "Activity Feed" where you'll see all viewed and completed lessons. Here's what that looks like:


3. Sign-in Information: We provide you with both the last sign in date and sign in count (number of times a student has signed in) for each student inside the Users CSV export. When you're logged in as a site admin, go to Users and click Export to receive the CSV via email. 

4. Quiz & Survey Results: If you have quizzes or surveys inside your courses you can find out which students completed them as well view their answers. Here's how to export your Quiz & Survey data. Many course creators also use surveys to ask students to provide feedback on the course. This is a great way to continually listen to your customers and improve on your learning offering.

5. Video Analytics: We provide video metrics across all students watching the videos including Average Engagement, Total Plays, and Play Rate. To view these statistics go to your Video Library and click "Analytics" beside a particular video. Here's what you'll see:


There are many ways to check in on how students are engaging with your content. I'd recommend checking all the statistics to find out which will be most valuable for you!

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Hi there, these are all ways to manually track a student's progress. I want to set up an automated email sequence to encourage students to continue with a course. Is there any way to automatically trigger an event based on, for example, 7 days since a student engaged with a course?



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Hi Kim!

You can try using Mixpanel to keep track of your student's progress. You can also set up email notifications based on actions that the student has taken. Take a look at their page for more info:

Hope this helps!

What does it mean when the activity feed shows the title of a lesson in the "Content" column but no date completed next to it in the "Status" column like in the example you provided above? Does that mean that the student clicked on the lesson but didn't actually watch it?

Hi Guy!

When there is no date, it means that the student has viewed the lesson. However, it is not marked complete because the student hasn't clicked on the Next button. 

i'd like to be able to sort users based on activity and progress. is there any way to do this?

Hi Ryn!

Currently, we don't have this ability but we are currently working on improving our reporting and users page. I'll definitely pass this feedback to our product team so that they can look into this as well. 

wow - ok, yeah, that's a really important one! can you tell me what options i have for identifying groups of students? or does everything currently have to be done manually from the large list?

Hi Ryn!

You can use the advanced search filters to organize your students on the users page. Also with the new improvements we're looking to add more options for filters.