How do i change the color of Course Curriculum on landing page?

How do i change the color of Course Curriculum (the one that gives an Index overview of the course) on the course landing page? I am using the default theme.  

See the screenshot attached. 

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Hi Purvi!

The colour of the course curriculum on the landing page can be changed on the Branding page on the admin dashboard. This colour is taken from your brand colour:


Hope this helps!


Hi Oliver, 

Thanks for the reply. From the branding page i could only change the course color- the one which is blue here. I am actually referring to the grey text color. see image below. Please suggest. Thank you! 


Hi Purvi!

To change the font colour of this text, you would have to make changes directly to your site's HTML and CSS. You can take a look at this article for more info on how make customization to your site:

Hope this helps!

Where IS the branding section on the admin dashboard? I have been looking for half an hour now, and nowhere can I find a branding section or a branding page or a place to set brand color or to change the blue color on the course curriculum. 

Hi Annette

We have moved the color and customization options for the Course Player to the Course Builder screen and there is a gear option in the upper right hand corner that allows for changes though you do need to be on a paid plan to access these.

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