Test or preview notification emails

Is there a way to generate a preview or test of the emails created within the notification area? The only option I'm aware of is to add a new user, which means using a different email address each time.  


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Hi Joseph!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll let the product team know to look into improving previews for notifications. In the meantime, quick workaround is to delete the user you created to do your testing. In this way you can use the same email multiple times. 

Hope this helps!


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Hi Oliver,

Any movement on this? We really need a simple (non-work-around) way to test notifications.


Hi Steve!

Thanks for writing in! I've added your voice to the request. I'm afraid we don't have a built-in way to test this yet, but in addition to deleting that test user another option is to add some additional content after a '+' sign to your test email address.

For example, and get treated as separate emails by the Thinkific system, but Gmail and its analogues will deliver the emails to the same account. Here's more on that:

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