Can I edit a course after it's been published?

Can't seem to find that answer in the forum, just wondering if I wanted to change or edit something if that is still possible? 



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Hi Elaine!

Yes, you can make changes to your courses even after they have been published. If you're looking to add new lessons I would recommend to set them as draft first. In this way you can take your time to work on them and it won't be visible to students already enrolled in the course.

Hope this helps!


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When a new chapter or a lesson is added to published course, do the enrollees get notifications automaticall?

Hi Anil!

The students are not notified when a new chapter/lesson is added to the course. However, on our paid plans, you can use the mass user email to message your students at once. 

Hope this helps!

Are the edits updated in the course after I save the changes or do I need to click "publish" before the changes take effect? I assume it is the same whether I make changes to the curriculum or landing page, course description, etc. Correct?


Hi Lois!

The edits are updated as soon as you save the changes. You don't have to click on publish again. One quick thing to note is that if you add a new lesson, this is first set as a draft so that you don't accidentally release it before it is ready. Once you are ready you can remove the draft option and it will be live in your course.

Hope this helps!

Am I able to edit or add to the course can I do that after the course is published?

Tank you.

Hi Donna!

Yes, you can make any changes you want to a course that is already published!


If I set a course to free so that a few friends can trial it, can I then change it so that it is a paid course, even if they are still trialing it?

Hi Belle!

Yes, you can put a price on your course even after your friends are enrolled in the course to trial it. Your friends will still have access to all the content inside the course. 

I'm a teacher and I have a small academy. Would I be able to give free access to my course for any students at the academy, and at the same time charge any non-students for using the service?

Hi Liam!

You can give out 100% off coupon codes to students in your academy. Then for non-students they can sign up normally by purchasing the course on your Thinkific site.

I seem to be unable to edit my course or view it in anything but preview mode from certain browsers. Is there a plugin that might be blocked for me currently? Not sure if this is happening to others. Right now I have to jump through hoops in order to make any changes to my course.

Hi Amy!

I just checked this out and it doesn't seem to be happening on my computer, so I think it must be something specific to your browser of device. To see whether it's a plugin, please try viewing your course in an incognito or private window to see if that helps. If it works, that suggests it's a plugin causing the issue so you'll need to disable and reenable your plugins until you figure out which one.

Might you also be signing into your site with a different email address? E.g. If you're signing into an account without Site Admin properties then you won't be able to edit your site.

If you're still having problems, then please send over the details to our Support team and we'll do some further digging. We'll need to know - what happens when you try and view your site, which browsers you've tried, and which pages you're trying to view.



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