Subscription payment receipts sent to customers are showing 'copy-of' in the name for the subscription plan

So you've found that the customers of your subscription plan that you added to a copy of a course in Thinkific are receiving receipts that show the course name as 'copy-of-...'. We get it, that's pretty confusing for your customer! This is the result of setting a price for the copied course before changing its name.

If you love keeping your Stripe Dashboard nice and organized, you can do the following to keep all your 'Active Subscribers' associated with your subscription plan with the name beginning with 'copy-of', without sending them receipts that show that name anymore.

All you need to do is:

1. Log into your Stripe Dashboard.

2. Head over to 'Subscriptions' in the left-hand menu.


3. Click on 'Plans' in the menu at the top of the view that appears on the right.


4. Click on the plan (the one that has the 'copy-of' in it) to open its details.


5. Click on 'Edit Details' when you're viewing that plan's details.


6. Change the name, save, and refresh the browser.


Your active subscriptions for that plan in Stripe will now show the new name, and any receipts sent out from that point forward will feature the new name. 

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