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I'm reeealllly trying to move my courses over to Thinkific but my one big blocker is the lack of course forums. The discussion feature isn't really appropriate for what we do, Disqus is public and we want people to be able to post privately, and actually forums just like these would be perfect! Is there any chance of that happening? Is there another way round it without resorting to private FB groups?

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Thanks for the information. That does help.

Hi Nathan!

A new discussion feature is in design now and development is slated to start in next quarter. With everything, we really resist giving a timeline for completion as we'd hate to give you unrealistic expectations, but this is something we're actively working on. I hope that helps!

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Hi Catherine, Is there any word on a timeline for discussion updates? Any word on the capabilities for actual, functional, native discussion forums? I am trying to make a decision between Thinkific, Teachable, and Canvas. I like thinkific for nearly everything, but I won’t be able to operate without a forum. If we are looking at something happening in the next couple of months, I could wait. But if we are talking Nov 2018 or beyond, then my decision is made for me. Can you offer some clear information on this or is that not available?

I, like many others, am very much hoping for updates to the discussion feature!!

That's great to hear, Catherine.

Hi Arjen!

We are planning to work on improving our discussions feature in the next couple of months so watch out for news on that!



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A true forum feature, like many have posted about, is something that is missing in all the platforms I have been checking.
"We have built lots of other features in recent months, and apologies that discussions were not a priority until now." really is not very helpful.

You want to set Thinkific truly apart?
Then make the forum feature the highest prio.

I've been looking for a platform for a friend of mine, but none make the cut because of this (unless you want to or can spend truckloads of $$$ or €€€).
And many people do not feel comfortable with FB Groups, because of the personal issues to be discussed and the privacy issues coming with FB...


Building a course here too and definitely need a good forum feature! Hope this gets added in the next few months. Thanks!

Hi Carrie, 

Sorry if it seems that we're not being responsive to your feature requests. We have built lots of other features in recent months, and apologies that discussions were not a priority until now.

I just checked in on this feature and it is something that we expect to be working on in the next couple of months, so watch out for more on that! Sorry I can't be more specific - I'm just hesitant to give an unrealistic timeline :)

If you have any further questions at all, feel free to get in touch.



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I also asked for a better discussions feature 8 months ago and have been on this thread, it seems like a lot of people are wanting this feature - it's SO important in creating communities with the courses.  I really love Thinkific but Teachable has this in place and a mobile app - it would be great to know that the discussion platform was in the works but if it's not then I may need to seriously consider switching platforms which is sad!!

Hi Celito,

Changes to our Discussions feature is not something that we're working on right now, but it's definitely on our roadmap for the future. I'll flag you as another vote with our Product team (you too, Merve!) If there's something in particular that you're looking for then please send over the details to our Support team and we'll see if we have any options for you :)



Is there any progress on this, ten months hence? It is the only missing feature for me. Thanks.

A threaded and a more sophisticated discussion forum emerges as an important need for my courses as well. Please add me in the list of people voting for it! 

Hope you'll provide it soon.

Hi all!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to flag this for our Product team so that they can take it into consideration for future product planning :)

Keep the feedback coming!



I too went searching for a better way to hold discussions by topic within my course. Disqus does not allow for privacy and that won't work for the type of discussion questions I will post. I'd like a better discussion/forum feature please. I'm in the process of testing out Thinkific to see if I want to migrate here and that would be a great add. 

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