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I'm reeealllly trying to move my courses over to Thinkific but my one big blocker is the lack of course forums. The discussion feature isn't really appropriate for what we do, Disqus is public and we want people to be able to post privately, and actually forums just like these would be perfect! Is there any chance of that happening? Is there another way round it without resorting to private FB groups?

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Hi Sarah!

Thanks for letting us know! We're happy to look into this. You can send this request directly to our product team through this link:

Do you mind if I ask why the discussion feature is not suitable for you? 



I'm just starting a course, and am not sure how to proceed. I need help with creating assignments, collecting assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Can somebody help me to begin, so that I can draw in students?

Hi Laura!

You can take a look at this articles to get you started:

If you need a bit more help setting up your courses, you can reach out to one of our experts here:

Hope this helps!


I too would like my members to be able to contact each other privately.  A big intention of my course is to link up people to others who can help them on their journey but it's not as likely to happen if people can't message each other and share details without everyone in the course seeing it.

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Hi Kasmin!

An option would be use Slack so that students can communicate privately with each other but also have the ability to have different channels were all students can share their ideas within  the group.

Hope this helps!


Hi, I'm thinking of migrating our existing courses here (we currently use WordPress with Sensei. The lack of forums is a deal-breaker, though. We use Piazza, and it's serviceable (and free!), but neither customizable nor sophisticated. Any chance you'll create this? Thanks.

Hi Bo!

Thanks for letting us know! I'll put you down as another vote for this feature. 


A discussion forum, such as this one, is a feature that would make us switch to Thinkific. Forums help build a community that provides a lot of value to course users - especially when charging a subscription fee. Slack is difficult to manage and unknown to most of our users and Facebook Groups don't give the same professional feel as a true forum. 

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Hi Kassie!

Thanks for the feedback! 

I've put you down as another vote for this. 



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This is the missing feature that's holding me back. If only groups can be formed into separate cohorts with their own private discussion forum, that will replicate a live classroom. Schools may be easier to convince to register multiple seats and adopt a course to supplement regular instruction. They will also need cohort reports to include some information in the grading criteria. I hope this could be feature soon.

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Hi Celito!

Thanks for the feedback! A possible workaround would be to duplicate your course. You can then register each group into their own copy of the course. In this way the students are all from the same school and discussions can only be seen by these students. 

Hope this helps!

The problem with that Oliver is that when you duplicate a course, the discussion threads aren't carried over. So for e.g. I have a six week course, and each week comes with 3 discussions. I populate the forums with the questions as starter points before the course starts. When I duplicate a course, those starter discussions aren't copied and it's a lot of work to have to repost 3 x 6 weeks every time the course starts.

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I too am desperate for something more than Discussions! I am launching my membership site as a bundled purse on Thinkific and am worried about how to get my students engaging when it isn't intuitive. As well, my demographic are older so Slack, and Disqus aren't really an option for me... 

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My course target educators and I've had problems with school networks that block Disqus because it's listed as Social Media on their web filters. Many schools block social media to protect the students. I've also had problems with it with certain browsers, different settings on the browsers, etc. Generally, a pain in the butt. Thinkific needs a robust discussion tool. My online courses focus on shared reflections and discussion and Thinkific is really weak in this area.

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