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can i produce a course on word document and then just transfer it across onto the thinkific site with having to re write it, i have tried to send as file but cannot do it, thanks.

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Hi Craig!

Currently, we're not not able to transfer your content from a word document. What you can do instead is convert your word doc into a pdf and then upload this into either a pdf lesson or presentation lesson

Hope this helps!



Snip the image or content you want while in your Word doc, then save as PNG file. Then upload this PNG file into your Text content in your course. This has worked for me.

.xlsx and .docx files can be uploaded to courses by selecting DOWNLOADS from the options menu. I had some documents set up as templates and did not want to save them as .pdf files. Hope this helps. 

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Darin, brilliant. Exactly what I was looking for.

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