[Pre-V2 Themes] Change Which Image Shows For Your Site Landing Page on Facebook

Because your overall site landing page is another page that you may want to share on Facebook, we've put together some instructions for editing the Open Graph (OG) image below. Please see here for an overview of Facebook sharing on Thinkific.

Note that we don't recommend doing this unless you're comfortable with HTML/CSS.

Changing the OG:Image for the Site Landing Page

From the Admin Dashboard, click on Themes, then My Themes in the top right hand corner:


Then click on Edit HTML/CSS:

On the next page, on the left hand side, expand the snippets folder and select meta tags:

The section between lines 22-24 is specific to the Site Landing Page, so you can add new meta tags for that page here. To update the OG Image, paste the following between lines 24 and 25:

<meta property="og:image" content="IMAGE URL GOES HERE"/>

Replace IMAGE URL GOES HERE with a link to your chosen image. You could use a Liquid variable for that, or upload the image as an asset.

The results should look similar to the following:

Note: In the example above, we've included a couple of other standard meta tags. For a guide to available meta tags and how to use them, check out this handy article from Kissmetrics.

When you're done, hit File > Save:


To test that your update worked, you can head to Facebook's Open Graph Object Debugger and select to Fetch new scrape information.

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