Offering Tiered Pricing

From Guy Hauptman:

"I'd like to offer 2 or 3 tiers on my sales page, with the 1st tier being just one course, then 2nd tier being a bundle and the 3rd tier being an even better bundle but offered at a reduced price than what that bundle actually costs.

I know I can probably duplicate that last bundle, hide it from my courses and then just price it at the lower price that I'd like."

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Hi Guy!

So upsells are the way to achieve what you need!

First, set up your course, the bundle, plus the even better bundle, and set the prices for those. Then create your sales landing page for the course, adding the bundles as Upsells.

For the discounted bundle, you could leave it as hidden so that it only appears for sale on the course landing page. Anyone who visits the course landing page (which I'm guessing would be public) would be able to claim that lower price, though. Is that OK?

If you have any further questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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